This is the best place in the world for dogs! We saw Dr. Gorman initially for an evaluation and a treatment plan. We have been working with the amazing rehab team who created and implemented a program that included underwater therapy sessions, a home program and valuable advice about medical options for pain management. Our 10-year old dog is able to bounce and play with much younger dogs instead of sitting on the sidelines in pain. We cannot thank Boston Pet Rehabilitation enough for all they do for our dog and our family!

– Suzanne

I cannot recommend Boston Pet Rehabilitation enough. When our dog had TPLO surgery a few months ago, his vet recommended Boston Pet Rehab for PT and it was easily the best decision we could have made. Christina and her team were wonderful with our dog, treating him as if he was their own, and were always extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They made his visits both fun and challenging, and made what should have been a difficult time a joyous one, filling it with lots of treats and love. At our dog’s last follow up appointment, his surgeon said he has made a remarkable recovery and I know we owe it all to Boston Pet Rehab. They are the best!

– Giuliana

The team at Boston Pet Rehabilitation have been nothing short of amazing. They have played a pivotal role in Buoy’s recovery following a very scary spinal injury called FCE. From the first day we met with them they provided so much support and relief as we came up with a rehab plan. We have so much trust in them and don’t know what we would do without them!

– Jillian



One of the scariest days of my life with Ozzy was having to rush him to the emergency vet when he was in so much pain and finding out he needed to have emergency IVDD surgery. After surgery, I was told that he only had a 20% chance of ever walking again, which was devastating to hear.

My mom and I took Ozzy home after a weeklong stay at the hospital and were ready for whatever challenges came our way. We knew we had to find a rehab / PT place nearby. After Ozzy was cleared to go to PT, we had a consultation at Boston Pet Rehabilitation and felt very comfortable leaving Ozzy with them. The whole staff have been absolutely amazing and very supportive of Ozzy and his special needs. Not only did Ozzy regain mobility in his hind legs (WOO!!), but Ozzy also started acting like his old self – regained his confidence, and his love for the staff at the rehab was insane! Three and a half years later, Ozzy is still excited to go to PT – scratching at his carrier so he can get in and get to PT – he loves the pool, treadmill and obstacle courses. Ozzy has the best time, every time.

If it weren’t for them and their genuine passion and love for what they do, their diligence and commitment to the program, who knows how/if Ozzy would have recovered in the same way.

– Jenn