How do I know if my pet needs rehab?

Knowing whether your pet needs rehabilitation is based on many factors. Observing their behavior, mobility, and overall well-being.

If your pet has any of the following signs or conditions, it would be best to consult with your veterinarian and a Certified Rehabilitation Practitioner to determine if rehabilitation would be beneficial for your pet:

Surgery/Injury, Mobility Issues, Osteoarthritis, Neurological Conditions, Weight Management, Chronic Pain, Decreased energy.

Does my pet need an initial evaluation?

Yes, we do require an initial evaluation with one of our Certified Rehabilitation Practitioners.

At that visit there will be a full exam that includes but is not limited to observing gait, examining all joints and muscles, testing strength and muscle, neurological tests and testing for pain.

Following the exam the practitioner will discuss a recommended plan involving in rehab treatments as well as at home.

This visit typically takes about 45 minutes.

*please note that we do not usually perform any treatments at the initial visit unless otherwise discussed prior to booking.

Do I need records from my pet’s regular veterinarian?

Yes, we do require that all records and diagnostic tests are sent to us prior to the initial evaluation. 

In addition to the medical records, we also require a referral form to be filled out by the primary or referring veterinarian. 

This is so the therapist has time to review those records, forms and tests to have knowledge of previous and current conditions. 

How long will my pet need to come to rehab?

Every patient is different as far as how often and for how long they would need to see us.

We take many factors into account when determining frequency of visits such as the condition being treated, how long it has been going on and the pet’s comfort level just to name a few.

Can I be there for my pet’s sessions?

Of course! Owners are always welcome to be there for their pet’s sessions.

There are some pet’s that focus better sometimes without their owner present, we determine this on a case by case basis and if so we just ask that you wait in the waiting area until your pet’s session is completed.

What is the cost of rehab?

The cost of rehab varies from patient to patient.

We offer many different options and packages for treatments that range from single treatments in one session to multiple different treatment modalities.

This would be discussed with you at the initial visit and determine a plan that fits best for you and your pet.